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Lakshya’s quotes

She Chose Herself

Have you ever noticed the bags under her eyes or the anger issues that she has?

her hollow checks and cracked lips still forced into a smile. Struggling to show everyone That she’s a fighter that she will be alright.

No one bothered to hold her close, to tell her that it’s okay not to be fine.

So she breathed through her life as if it were that one day she would live, and not just survive.

Waiting For Love

You are a language, I don’t want to translate.

I have kept you to myself

The pages can run dry like rivers waiting for some food.

To Love Again

The moon walks through thick smog of clouds, Sinks into Jhelum Once again and washes off those blood stains.

I get a strong feeling that if the blood, the innocence again make LOVE to the soil, we did leave to bury the moon to light it once again.

Desires Of My Heart

I surrender to her feast of lips and the bonfire of our blazing bodies and we burn like the sky burn at sunset in a bright ultraviolet light fading away only to meet the new night’s desires.

Faded Love


Sometimes that she can never understand…..

Sometimes that i can not make her understand…..

Sometimes that won’t let me forget her…..

Sometimes that won’t ever let me hate me…..

Sometimes that always force me to give one chance to her…..

Sometimes that always make me feel she was not wrong…..

Sometimes that always force me to talk to her…..

Sometimes because of that i never wanna fall in love again


You are not just a HOME to me, with bricks to shelter me.

You are the reason for my Existence, with arms to calm my THUNDERSTORMS.

I Need You

I need you,

And that need is not a very casual desire,

But i need you like a flame which burns me day by day,

Every night until we become forever together i


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